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Manager of Guest Service

Are you ready to show off your restaurant management chops? Baily's in Old Town Temecula, an established independent restaurant and nightclub in it's third decade of service, is seeking a dynamic leader and coach to manage all aspects of 'front of the house' operations. Personal and career growth are sure-fire results of working in an environment where the implementation of your good ideas are on display for all to see. While the Manager of Guest Service is a multi-faceted job that requires many different skills, the development of staff and the one on one interaction with our guests is the primary focus. If you love people and have extensive food, beverage, and hospitality knowledge, this may be the opportunity to make a difference you have been looking for.


The Manager of Guest Service is responsible for all aspects of front of the house operations to insure ever increasing guest satisfaction. Areas of responsibility include staff development (food, beverage, service and salesmanship training), supervise assistant management team, team building, policy enforcement, guest problem resolution. Additionally, the Manager of Guest Service is required to plan and implement short, mid and long range projects to further the quality of guest service.

Job Specific Requirements

  • Attendance
    • Maintain specific scheduled hours
    • Work days, nights, weekends and holidays
    • Average work week is 50 hours
  • Uniform
    • Men - Business attire, sport coat
    • Women - Business attire, blazer
  • Human Resources
    • Recruit, hire and orient employees in accordance with company policies
    • Assign and schedule employees to specific job function to maintain quality of service and within labor budgets
    • Train, coach, counsel and discipline employees to elevate service standards
    • Use schedule as a tool to elevate service and develop employees
    • Keep abreast of food, beverage and hospitality knowledge to develop training material
    • Conduct individual and group training classes
    • Use appropriate balance of supervision and hands on work
    • Conform to California State employment regulations
  • Guest Relations
    • Create a pleasing environment for guests with attention sight, sound, smell, climate, touch and taste
    • Community outreach; periodic marketing efforts outside of the facility
    • Build relationships with guests, recognize and address them by name
    • Seek opportunities to market other profit centers, i.e., banquets, nightclub, restaurant etc.
  • Operations
    • Lead/manage meal period shifts
    • Use effective communication to guide smooth shift to shift transitions
    • Take initiative to identify and solve problems
    • Interface with guests
    • Handle schedule issues
    • Create and implement policies and procedures to improve systems
    • Interface with assistant managers to move training and projects forward
    • Train on food and beverage/selling techniques
    • Work with chef to lower food cost and maximize revenue
    • Delegate task and projects effectively
    • Reward staff for doing things correct
    • Discipline employees when required
    • Use computer systems to get daily metrics of sales and costs and make adjustments accordingly
    • Understand and be able to perform all subordinate tasks
    • Understand the inter-job roles and dependencies of each job
    • Provide leadership and stability during difficult circumstances
  • Product Knowledge
    • Have a deep understanding of ingredients, cuisine and cooking techniques
    • Have a strong knowledge of wine, beer and spirits

Physical Requirements

  • Able to work on feet for extended periods of time.
  • Able to lift full cases of wine, beer, liquor, etc.

Academic/Professional Requirements

(education and experience are assessed cumulatively)

  • Education
    • Preferred A.A. Degree or higher
    • Communicate effectively in written and spoken form
  • Work History
    • Preferred 4-6 years of prior restaurant management experience
  • Computer/office skills
    • Print/copy/fax/scan
    • Use of word processing and spreadsheet applications
    • Micros Point of Sale System


$40-60,000 Commensurate with education and experience

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