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Beverage Service

For quick speed of service we suggest limiting the number of choices of beverages. The choices you offer can be made during the planning process. Listed below are several of our best value selections. Please visit our website for the full list.

All beverages and cocktails are always available through our service staff. However, preparation times may vary during busy periods. If you are concerned about long drink service times, you may provide a bar for your guests for a set up fee. Note that this set up fee is not included in the food and beverage minimum.

Allows your guests the extra service of a bartender in your area. Fully stocked bar. No blended drinks. Pay for what drinks you consume.

Banquet Wines (750ml) - In House Wines Only


Non Alcoholic Beverages


Banquets & Parties

Booking a banquet or party is easy.  The links below will help you navigate the site to get just the right information.

Any time you have a question, just call the Events Manager at 951-676-9567 xt 100.  Or email your questions to events@baily.com.

Reserved Dates

The dates and rooms below are unavailable due to prior bookings. If your desired time and room are unavailable Please call our Events Director to discuss other options. Also, book your room as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Saturday, Oct 8     5:00 PM
Thursday, Oct 13     6:00 PM
     North Dining Room
Thursday, Oct 20     5:00 PM
Saturday, Oct 22     5:00 PM
Friday, Oct 28     11:00 AM
     North Dining Room
Sunday, Nov 6     5:00 PM
     Front Street Patio
Thursday, Nov 10     5:00 PM
Saturday, Dec 3     5:00 PM
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