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Booking Information

Step One - Make a Reservation

Select a date and start time for your event.  Parties are continuously booked throughout the year on a first come first served basis.  The month of December is especially busy. You can check availability in the side bar on the right. 

Your event must begin and end within the following meal periods.

  • Breakfast 7:30am - 10:30am

  • Lunch 11:00am - 4:00pm

  • Dinner 5:00pm - 9:30pm

  • Nightclub 10:00pm - 2:00am

To book an event, a non-refundable deposit of $100 (cash or credit card) will be required. At this time the Events Manager can answer any questions you may have.

Step Two - Select Your Menu Items

As a general rule, our pre-composed menus provide the most value and simplify the menu selection process.

For custom menus, determine the number of courses you would like for your meal (two course minimum). Select the items in each course from the appropriate menu (menus are not interchangeable). Below each menu section title is the number of selections to make per course.

If required, wine selections may be made to match your budget and taste. The full wine list is available on the website. (In House Wines Only - Not Included) 

Step Three - Call to finalize the details

To ensure ingredient availability, call the events manager 10 days prior to the event to formalize the menu selections and your guaranteed guest count. If you would like printed personalized menus share the exact text with the Events Manager. We will email or fax the contract for your review and approval. Sign the contract acknowledging you agree upon the minimum food and beverage amount, the menu selections, and the guaranteed number of people.

Room Minimum & Capacity

Room Name  Lunch  Dinner  Capacity 
FSB&G Entire Patio 

$1000 Mon-Thurs

$1400 Fri-Sat


$1500 Sun-Thurs
$2200 Fri-Sat
FSB&G Portion of Patio 2 course minimum.
Patio remains open to the public for normal business.
2 course minimum.
Patio remains open to the public for normal business.
Baily's North Dining Room

$800 Mon - Thurs

$1100 Fri, Sat & Sun

$1500 Sun - Thurs

$1800 Fri - Sat 

Baily's South Dining Room 

$300 Mon - Thurs

$400 Fri, Sat & Sun

$400 Sun - Thurs
$500 Fri - Sat
Baily's Rotunda

$900 Mon - Thurs

$1200 Fri, Sat & Sun 

$1800 Sun - Thurs

$2100 Fri - Sat 

Baily's Balcony 

$500 Mon - Thurs

$700 Fri, Sat & Sun 

$800 Sun - Thurs

$1100 Fri - Sat 

* Call for HOLIDAY RATES during the month of DECEMBER

Other Considerations

Getting in Touch with Us

Based on business requirements, our Events Manager keeps flexible daytime hours Monday - Friday.  You may contact the Events Manager at 951-676-9567 ext. 100.  Always leave a voice mail for a prompt return call no later than the end of the next business day.

Email (events@baily.com) is great way to document the inevitable back and forth dialog that occurs as we plan your event. 

Additionally, last minute minor changes, such as a late arrival or a variation in number of guests, can be handled by a dining room manager.  Just dial 951-676-9567 for such occurrences.

Table Configurations

Our staff is trained to accommodate special table configurations.  However, because of room capacities and the availability of tables and chairs we may be unable to facilitate special requests.  In some of these cases accommodations can be made with the rental of additional equipment at the expense of the client.

End Time

Please keep in mind the “end time” of your party.  Due to consecutive bookings during peak times (Friday and Saturday), we require that guests adhere to the end time of their party.  This allows our staff to prepare the room for subsequent events.  You will be charged a late fee of $50.00 if your party exceeds the end time by more than 10 minutes.

Payments & Billing

A 50% installment will be required a week prior to your event.

Your final bill will be the tally of all food and beverage charged at the contracted/menu price.  All purchases are subject to sales tax and a 20% service charge.  If the tally does not meet the food and beverage minimum the difference will be billed as a room charge and/or unmet minimum.

If your bill exceeds the minimum food and beverage charge as defined above, then you will be charged the actual amount of the food and beverage purchases, plus tax and a 20% service charge.

Payment for any rentals, which are coordinated by the Events Manager, will be paid in full (including tax on the rentals) two weeks prior to the event.

Banquets & Parties

Booking a banquet or party is easy.  The links below will help you navigate the site to get just the right information.

Any time you have a question, just call the Events Manager at 951-676-9567 xt 100.  Or email your questions to events@baily.com.

Reserved Dates

The dates and rooms below are unavailable due to prior bookings. If your desired time and room are unavailable Please call our Events Director to discuss other options. Also, book your room as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Saturday, Jun 13     6:00 PM
     North Dining Room
Thursday, Jun 25     6:00 PM
     Front Street Patio
Friday, Jun 26     5:00 PM
Saturday, Jun 27     5:00 PM
     North Dining Room
Saturday, Jun 27     11:00 AM
     Front Street Patio
Monday, Jun 29     6:00 PM
     South Dining Room
Wednesday, Jul 8     5:00 PM
Thursday, Jul 23     6:00 PM
Friday, Jul 31     5:00 PM
     North Dining Room
Saturday, Aug 1     12:00 PM
Thursday, Aug 6     5:00 PM
Saturday, Aug 15     5:00 PM
Thursday, Aug 20     7:00 PM
     North Dining Room
Thursday, Aug 20     7:00 PM
     Front Street Patio
Friday, Aug 28     6:00 PM
     Rotunda and South
Friday, Aug 28     5:00 PM
     North Dining Room
Friday, Aug 28     5:00 PM
     Patio & Courtyard & FS Dining Room
Saturday, Aug 29     11:00 AM
     Patio & Courtyard & FS Dining Room
Saturday, Aug 29     5:00 PM
Saturday, Sep 5     6:00 PM
Thursday, Sep 17     6:00 PM
     Front Street Patio
Friday, Sep 18     5:00 PM
     South Dining Room
Saturday, Sep 19     12:00 PM
     North Dining Room
Thursday, Sep 24     5:00 PM
Thursday, Sep 24     6:00 PM
     North Dining Room
Friday, Oct 2     5:00 PM
Saturday, Oct 17     5:00 PM
Friday, Oct 30     5:30 PM
     North Dining Room
Saturday, Mar 6     12:00 PM
Saturday, May 1     5:00 PM
Friday, Jun 11     5:00 PM
Saturday, Jul 3     5:00 PM
     North Dining Room
Thursday, Jul 8     5:00 PM
Saturday, Sep 18     1:00 PM
     North Dining Room
Thursday, Sep 23     11:00 AM
Friday, Oct 15     5:00 PM
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